Hello! I’m a strategist who combines experience in research, strategy, marketing and product development. I’ve been fortunate to work on some inspiring teams tasked with innovation and finding a path for sustainable growth.

Along the way, I learned that transformational innovation comes from a deep and ongoing commitment in understanding people, culture and communities. It requires a highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach that leverages the best available qualitative and quantitative techniques. It also helps to have a healthy dose of curiosity and thirst for life long learning to inspire, iterate and innovate.

These days I’m focused on applying a human-centered approach to research and design challenges to inspire empathy, understanding and transformation in financial services.

Looking back, I can summarize my work journey in 3 paths.

1:  Incubation

Early in my career, I worked on emerging technology products and services for start-ups.  As with most new companies, I wore many hats and gained experience in product planning, marketing, research and designing customer experiences. This was my training ground to identify, build, nurture and take product ideas to market. This path also helped shape my innovation mindset.

2:  Corporate Life

After several start-ups, I spent 10+ years working in corporate research, strategic planning and product planning at global technology brands. This is where I gained insight on how to optimize growth for established brands while continuing to incubate and bring new ideas to market.

3:  Consulting and Pro Bono Work

I launched Unlock The Story to help companies and non-profits conduct research and amplify the insights in design, product and strategy decisions.

I also began applying ethnography, interviewing and writing skills to help individuals, communities and nonprofits unlock, capture and publish their stories in visually engaging books. Stories spark insights to create meaningful connections across generations. I believe everyone has a unique story to tell and it should be shared. After all, stories are the pathway to sharing powerful life lessons.